Q: “Why would we use PIQET?”

A: PIQET is so well adapted to the packaging industry that it takes designers, marketing professionals, environmental managers and other colleagues only 30 minutes to use.  You don’t have to be an LCA expert, you just need to understand your product. If you need to evaluate environmental performance to compare product designs or for internal or external reporting purposes, PIQET will save you lots of time and money! If you don’t believe us, have a look at our clients.


Q: “We have company specific reporting requirements and existing systems. Can PIQET link with these?”

A: Firstly, the existing reports are set up to be as flexible as possible. With the report builder, you can select the indicators and outputs that are most relevant to you, that are exported as pdf, word or excel documents, so that you can easily fit them into your existing templates if needed.

If this isn’t enough for your needs, we can customise your experience by tailoring packaging databases, product information forms, supplier specifications and transport route selection software, all to suit your product specifically. This service extends to the reports generated by PIQET so they can meet your internal and other reporting requirements. The customisation of PIQET can also ensure processes sit well within a company intranet and alongside other in-house software tools.


Q: “I hear there is a new version of PIQET coming. When will it be available?”

A: PIQET 4.0 was rolled out to all our clients in January 2017. It’s going to make assessments even easier and quicker, whilst enabling our clients to do more things.


Q:  “What if we don’t want to work PIQET ourselves each time we attempt to assess or change packaging, or need some help using the online tool?”

A: PIQET has been made to be easy. Our clients are generally surprised at how quickly they are up and running and how little time it takes to undertake an assessment. The hours of support included in your PIQET license can be used for training or to give you a hand on your assessments- and this is generally enough.

If you do need to go further, the PIQET team can provide additional professional service as a project or a pilots, including:

  •  PIQET assessments
  • Facilitating packaging review workshops
  • Corporate reporting
  • Full LCA studies on products and packaging systems


Q: “We’re not sure if we want a license yet, as we don’t know if we have the internal resources needed?”

A: To get started, you can commission a PIQET Assessment prior to taking out a full license so that you can better determine what sort of internal resources would be needed if you subsequently adopted the use of the system in-house. A PIQET assessment is completed external to your business by one of our experts and would involve the following stages:

  • We will provide you with a data template (you may need to refer us to suppliers or internal resources that hold the necessary data).
  • You will identify the design variations that you would like to compare.
  • A draft PIQET report will be generated for you to review and you will be set up with a temporary PIQET license. At this stage, we will discuss what key performance measures you wish to assess such as climate impacts, water consumption etc, and we will walk you through the results within the tool.
  • The final PIQET report will be submitted to you with recommendations for selecting the most sustainable packaging design option.

If you decide to purchase the license after this, we will provide you with a purchase discount.