PIQET is a streamlined Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool designed to assess the environmental impacts and resource consumption profiles of different packaging options.

Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, by using PIQET, a complete assessment can be undertaken in less than 30 minutes.

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Latest News

  • Tim speaking at the Sustainability in Packaging Asia 2020

    Tim Grant, owner and product development manager for PIQET, will be speaking at the Sustainability in Packaging Asia 2020 online conference. The presentation is on “Food Waste vs. Packaging Waste” and will be held 22nd September 2020, at 3.30pm AEST. Come join us at this......

  • New API

    Lifecycles has been working on connecting PIQET to other data systems and has developed an Application Programme Interface (API) to do so. It enables PIQET to link to computer systems which contain information on packaging material specification and can also send lifecycle data out to......

  • PIQET at ProPak Asia 2019, 12 – 15th June

    Tim will be holding a PIQET workshop as well as showcase PIQET in a live demonstration and will also undertake real-time sustainability assessments on packaging solutions which are brought to the stand. The demonstration includes the ability to assess impacts of the full packaging supply chain,......

  • PIQET Silver sponsors at 11th International LCA of Food Conference in Bangkok, 16 – 20 October

    Paul-Antoine Bontinck and Tim Grant will attend the LCA food conference in Bangkok and will demonstrate the benefits of a PIQET LCA assessment too. Tim will also lead a conference session on Friday about the soil quality indicators in LCA as part of the ongoing......