New features of PIQET 4.0

New features of PIQET 4.0

PIQET 4.0 has been rolled out to all our users in January 2017. Here are a few of the improvements.


The interface
Inside the user interface we are implementing innovations to simplify the was package information in entered, while providing more comprehensive mapping of the life cycle of packaging and the products they contain.

Reporting options have been expanded to help you engage your teams in decision makers with your results. Multiple graph options allow you to slice and dice results on the run and you can build your own reports according to what you need to show. Exporting to word and excel files will enable you to manipulate final results quicker to fit in with your internal reporting requirements.

Product waste 
Whilst optimising the environmental impact of packaging systems is essential, there is consensus that in many cases, wastage of the product contained in that packaging can cause far greater impacts. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals refers to the one third of all food produced that ends up as waste for example. In response to these developments we are expanding the scope of what PIQET assesses to include product waste from all products at all points in the supply chain.

Regionalisation and region filter
Increased regionalisation of data makes for more accurate assessment of your global supply chains. To ensure that this doesn’t make the modelling process more complex, simple region filters have also been incorporated.



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