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Product Development, Manager, PIQET

Tim Grant

Tim Grant is an internationally recognised specialist in life cycle assessment (LCA) with sixteen years experience developing and applying LCA with a wide range of companies and organisations. He is the founder and director of lifecycles and is responsible and manager for PIQET.

LCA Specialist

Paul-Antoine Bontinck

Specialising in Life Cycle Assessment, Paul-Antoine has a vast and extensive knowledge of applied environmental science. With over 5 years experience, coupled with a Masters of Environmental Engineering, Paul-Antoine has worked in many fields within the LCA spetrum including research work for RMIT, Life Cycle Management consultancy for Environmental Resource Management (ERM) in the UK and France, and is currently involved with the Vinyl Council Australia in the management of their product stewardship program. Paul-Antoine also boasts a great understanding of product and corporate carbon footprinting, having been involved in extensive footprinting campaigns in the past.

UK Strategic Partner

PIQET partners with  packaging innovation specialists ThePackHub, to provide better service to companies tracking the environmental impacts of their packaging in the UK.

Paul Jenkins has over two decades of marketing experience gained managing a portfolio of international FMCG brands. He is passionate about brands and how packaging innovation should ultimately be about meeting consumer needs and has in depth knowledge of FMCG packaging industries and understanding of the very latest packaging trends and drivers.

Barry Pamplin has over thirty years of packaging expertise working for some of the best known food brands in Europe delivering packaging solutions and managing international teams. For the last 12 years he operated at a senior management/Director level. Paul delivers packaging strategies at all stages of the supply chain from procurement to distribution and to the customer and consumer.