SustPack17 offer: Free PIQET4.0 assessment of your packaging! Limited time only.

At last year’s SustPack, the lifecycles team had just taken over PIQET, and they promised us big changes to come… and it’s here: PIQET 4.0. To celebrate we are offering #SustPack17 participants the chance for a free assessment comparing two packaging options, usually valued at $1,200 USD.

SustPack 2017 will bring together over 500 packaging professionals in Arizona the 24th to 26th of April around the Inputs, Outputs and Impacts of Packaging in Supply Chain Sustainability.

If you are coming to to SustPack and want to take us up on a free PIQET assessment, register your interest by clicking on this link and entering the code OPTIMIZE SustPack17. And don’t forget to come visit us on stand 14.

If you can’t be in Arizona but want to give PIQET 4.0 a test drive, pop us an email!

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