Feedback from user survey

Feedback from user survey

In April, we asked PIQET users to provide us with feedback on what works and what doesn’t so that we can make sure the redevelopment targets the key areas, without loosing any of the good stuff.

First, we wanted to hear more about why users would recommend PIQET:
“Great communication tool for senior managers”
“Well respected tool, recognised by the industry”
“Simple to enter information”
“Easy to use”
“Far more cost effective than doing a full LCA”
“You can build a database of previous calculations”
“Has recommended default data” …

Our response to this is to keep ease and speed as a focus of PIQET 4.0 (DON’T overcomplicate it!), reduce the cost of assessment by further streamlining, enhance datasets, enable more customisation (eg default data set by users) and make reporting more engaging

Then we wanted to understand what needed changing:
Location finder with GIS transport calculator and more transportation options, e.g. filler to wholesaler, wholesaler to retailer, retailer to consumer
Flexible report formats (presentations, word documents)
Ability to see the results on the fly, as you choose different options
Unlimited comparisons of scenarios (currently 3)
Less pages to make it easier to use (3-4 as compared to 11 pages in the existing version)
More graph and chart options for representation of results

All of these features and more will be integrated in the new PIQET 4.0, due for release in October 2016 as well as the ability to assess product waste. Here is a sneak peak:


Thanks to all our users that participated in the survey, and especially to those who volunteered to test the beta version of PIQET 4.0.
If you would like to help us test the beta version, send us an email!