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UK Strategic Partner : ThePackHub


PIQET partners with  packaging innovation specialists ThePackHub, to provide better service to companies tracking the environmental impacts of their packaging in the UK.

Paul Jenkins has over two decades of marketing experience gained managing a portfolio of international FMCG brands. He is passionate about brands and how packaging innovation should ultimately be about meeting consumer needs and has in depth knowledge of FMCG packaging industries and understanding of the very latest packaging trends and drivers. 

Barry Pamplin has over thirty years of packaging expertise working for some of the best known food brands in Europe delivering packaging solutions and managing international teams. For the last 12 years he operated at a senior management/Director level. Paul delivers packaging strategies at all stages of the supply chain from procurement to distribution and to the customer and consumer.



Tim Grant, Product Development, Manager, PIQETedab3d_254847fce68c44acb83896345a17e3a6
Tim Grant is an internationally recognised specialist in life cycle assessment (LCA) with sixteen years experience developing and applying LCA with a wide range of companies and organisations. He is the founder and director of lifecycles and is responsible and manager for PIQET.
Brett (Bharat) Sharma, Technical Specialist, PIQETedab3d_9814e87bf4e441939a710e2673a8ce08
Brett is responsible for tool development at lifecycles including development of PIQET and agricultural modelling tools. Brett is also involved in life cycle inventory development, notably for the AusLCI Database.
e: brett[@]
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Jodie Bricout, Customer Relationship Manager, PIQET
Jodie pic2Jodie Bricout is a sustainability professional driving positive change in business in Australia and Europe over
the past fifteen years. After having developed and implemented sustainability strategy for clients
in water, construction, oil and gas and manufacturing sectors, Jodie started working in LCA in 2010,
where she developed the [avniR] life cycle platform in Northern France. Since returning to Australia
in 2016, she looks after PIQET's customers, helping them link the tool with their sustainability strategy.
e: jodie[@]
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